We, since inception, have been in the business of supplying Reactors, Tanks, Brew Tanks and Fermenters of various types and in different sizes, catering to Biofuel, Bioethanol, Butanol, Biochemical, Brewery, Marine and Pharmaceutical industries. SSEPL has strong client base for Storage tanks, Fermenters and Vessels. We can provide flat bottom / conical bottom / sloped bottom tanks, jacketed Tanks and Fermenters in various sizes and capacities, which can operate on variety of feed stock ranging from Molasses, Cane Juice to different types of Grains, namely Bajra, Broken Rice, Maize, Sweet Sorghum etc. The workshop is well equipped with advanced machinery and tools to build Tanks, Fermenters and Vessels, adhering to the engineering standards and procedures.


The Process of distillation is extremely critical in any process plant, be it Bio Fuel, Solvent Recovery, Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage, which plays major part in determining the Capital and operating costs of the plant. While distillation technology is quite old, it is imperative that the technology is capable of meeting continuous demands of the clients’ energy reduction. It’s a constant endeavour of our Design & Engineering team to analyse distillation system dynamics in different environment and develop unique systems, based on process intensification, which facilitates our clients in deriving huge benefits in terms of improved distillation efficiency, low utility cost and reduced capital expenditure. 

We at SSEPL, have proficient fabrication team, which has state of the art machinery, tools and methods to undertake manufacturing of the most elaborate and complex distillation machinery comprising of Columns, Condenser, Coolers and Reboilers encompassing Fractional Distillation, Packed Tower Distillation, Extractive Distillation, Short Path Distillation, Pot Distillation and Heat Integrated Distillation.


SSEPL Design & Engineering team has been working vigorously to develop efficient Evaporation system, to treat Raw Spent Wash, Bio-methanated Spent Wash and other effluents generated in Distilleries, Marine Processing Plants, Pharmaceutical Plants and Food & Beverage Plants. Over the years we have developed effective evaporation system, taking into consideration all the dynamics, which contribute to its efficacies. The experience and expertise of the experts in Design & Engineering team played a major role in developing exceptional Degasification system, which is capable of completely removing organic gases entrapped in the effluent. The Multiple Effect Evaporation system, Integrated or Independent, developed at SSEPL provides desired concentration, yet consuming the least amount of energy in the process. Depending upon the process complexities, we can provide Forward Feed, Backward Feed and Parallel Feed evaporation systems.

The manufacturing team at SSEPL equipped with modern fabricating techniques and machinery is quite adept at fabricating most complex evaporation equipment, adhering to the most stringent engineering standards of manufacturing and quality.