Technology developed by SSEPL has ensured of setting up of efficient, minimum energy and low pollution plants and its highly automated systems. Further, extensive automation, integrated designs also facilitate over 330 days of operation during the year. Our process technology is also capable of using multiple feedstocks, such wheat, maize, barley, broken rice, cassava, molasses, screened sugarcane juice corn and others


Our primary focus is on establishing innovative, robust, efficient design and customised raw material preparation system to treat available raw materials with ideal configuration for fermentation process. The understanding of various inputs and analysis of their behaviour in different process conditions helps us in correctly comprehending specific client requirements for processing different feed stocks in the least possible intrusive fermentation system for achieving higher alcohol product and yield. Deep insight of microorganisms, cells, cellular components, enzymes as well as temperature and pH ensures perfect design of bio-reactors, capable of maintaining the Inoculum of microorganisms in the fermenter at the optimum growth conditions.

The system is designed to handle feed stocks like,

  • Sugar Cane molasses, Sugar cane, B heavy.
  • Sugar Beet.
  • Cereal crops such as Sorghum, Bajra, Corn, Broken Rice, Wheat etc.
  • Cassava tubers, Chips, sweet potatoes or potatoes.
  • Starch intermediate products like, Starch slurry, Glucose etc.


Be it Batch fermentation, Continuous fermentation and Fed-batch fermentation, we provide the best solution for every fermentation system. The aeration system developed by us facilitate the microorganisms and fermentation substrate to perform efficiently and effectively, thereby achieving higher output, product yields, manufactured under aseptic conditions, and with minimum of by-products.

Yeast growth techniques substantially improved by us allow innovative and customised designs of bioreactors to ensure substantial reduction of process Chemicals and enzymes, minimise operational cost through separate yeast propagation and guarantee efficient, high Osmo tolerance yeasts leading to good conversion 


Our technical team’s unparalleled expertise and experience is leveraged for conducting exhaustive analysis of thermodynamics and operational feasibility to determine optimum composition of distillation columns operating under different pressure, heat exchangers for achieving desirable heat duty and other apparatus for attaining significant energy saving in distillation. Our advance thermal integration process with other processes facilitates our clients in deriving huge benefits in terms of improved distillation efficiency, low utility cost and reduced capital expenditure and at the same time keeping the complex process for easy and trouble free operations.


We are quite adept at all aspects of Water and Waste Water Treatment encompassing design & engineering, manufacturing, erection & commissioning of Waste Water Treatment, to comprehensive modification, repair, operation & maintenance of the plant. Our technology solutions primarily focus on specific client need and provide customised advanced wastewater treatment facilities, residuals management, and water recycle. We possess expertise in all facets of liquid and solids waste water stream treatment ranging from conventional plants for organic removals to complex nutrient removal/resource recovery processes

The extensive research conducted by us has resulted in developing efficient Evaporation system, to treat Raw Spent Wash, Bio-methanated Spent Wash and other effluents generated in Distilleries, Marine Processing Plants, Pharmaceutical Plants and Food & Beverage Plants. The evaporation system takes into consideration all the dynamics, which contribute to its efficacies. We have developed exceptional Degasification system, to completely remove organic gases entrapped in the effluent. The Multiple Effect Evaporation system, Integrated or Independent, developed at SSEPL provides desired concentration, yet consuming the least amount of energy in the process. Depending upon the process complexities, we offer Forward Feed, Backward Feed and Parallel Feed evaporation systems.